Moving our culture to our new base camp

Later this year, Zanders will move back to the city where it was born 27 years ago: the city centre of Utrecht. The building process, which started in late 2019, has so far been successful. It’s therefore time to share some more impressions with you!

Let’s start with some key information!

In August, we will receive the key to get access to an empty floor. This means that we can start several activities inside, like rolling out the carpets, connecting the right cables and testing the heating system to make sure we won’t have cold feet when we have our first office day in (probably) November.

Our new base camp building is 20 floors and 90 metres high. It meets the latest sustainability requirements, has therefore received a ‘BREEAM excellent’ certification, and contains a unique indoor garden. The 15th floor is ours. It’s the one right above the glassy inlet with views all over the city of Utrecht.

Inside it offers a very diverse working environment, with a combination of quiet workplaces, meeting rooms, open huddle rooms, calling areas, a café area and a Friday’s-first-drinks-of-the-weekend bar. Zanders will be surrounded by both city dynamics, peaceful plants and beautifully designed decorations.

Want to see more? Check out the Central Park website!

But what about the Zanders culture?

This move will change a lot, both physically and mentally. Moving from Bussum to Utrecht means that Zanders will change from a villager into a city dweller. Travelling to and from the office will change; we need to rely on using public transport more often. Directly habituated next to the city’s central train station, it will be a lot easier for public transport travellers and for our international offices to visit our base camp.

However, apart from colleagues, the most important metaphorical moving box contains the Zanders culture. As you know, our culture was born and grown out of our business values: freedom, passion, team performance and fun. And when choosing and designing our new office, these values were the most important building blocks for the new lay-out.

With our new HQ we want to offer an energetic environment that fosters both team effort and freedom, and that spurs the ambition and passion of all Zanders employees. In the meanwhile, our new office offers a lot of new elements to feed the driving force behind our unique and pleasant culture: fun!

Change is inevitable and often a good thing, even if the previous has been good too. During the past year, however, we have undergone several changes that unfortunately decreased our freedom and fun too. This makes it even a bigger priority for us to make sure that it will be a very positive change for us to move into our new headquarters. And of course we hope we can show you around soon!