Introducing Zanders Solutions

Why build once and sell once, if you can build once and sell ten times?

On 1 January 2020, Zanders’ fourth business line, Zanders Solutions was born. It was a large next step in a direction we were already carefully headed, increasing the focus on scalable solutions and recurring income. But how did we get here?

Going to the cloud

At the end of 2017, we launched Zanders Inside (have a look at!), our cloud-based platform, on which we are hosting the Intercompany Rating and Pricing Tool. The ICRP combined the knowledge and experience we already had around treasury and risk, and combined it into a standardized software application which helps our clients to become compliant with OECD guidelines regarding the arm’s length pricing of intercompany financial transactions. Now, at around 30 clients, this solution is a great success. This success was followed and replicated in other fields as well.

Expanding the scope

Several colleagues came up with other topics and challenges they encountered at clients which would be fit for automation through tooling. This resulted in a range of different solutions. The Credit Risk Suite (Credit Ratings and IFRS9 compliancy), the Savings Modelling Solution (Non-maturing deposits), TREASURYnxt (treasury tooling for public sector entities), the IBR Lease solution (IFRS 16) were all developed in-house and launched on Zanders Inside. Many other ideas are still coming.

The increased number of clients that came with these new solutions deserves proper attention. This is why Zanders Solutions was formally initiated as our fourth business line, with the aim of servicing all market groups and repackaging our knowledge and experience in treasury, risk and finance into cloud-based solutions.


Would you like to hear more?

Then contact Jasper van Eijk

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So… why are we doing this?

More and more, we see a need at our clients for robust tooling. As consultants, we have always been very good at building these tools on-site, often in Excel and/or VBA, for a specific client. However, this meant multiple consultants building very similar tools at different clients.

Our thought was: why not combine the knowledge and experience gained at those clients, build the software once and offer it to all those clients in the cloud at an annual license fee. The client doesn’t have to worry about IT, Zanders earns a license fee and the consultants can focus on other challenging assignments. This is the basic idea behind Zanders Solutions: creating a win-win-win!

For the Solutions team, which consists of (former) consultants, it is a very challenging and exciting new endeavour. Our focus has shifted from working on topics like IFRS 9 modelling, cash management and TMS implementations to IT security, sales & marketing and product development. We are very excited to be able to add a new dimension to Zanders and help realize the strategic goals!

What’s next?

As always at Zanders: ambitions are high! The reason to make Solutions into a formal business line was to increase focus on the further expansion. In the coming years we expect to grow and grow a lot. More solutions, more synergies and a better and more complete service for our clients. Building once and selling ten times!