Dear Zanders alumnus,

Welcome back in the world of Zanders! Especially in the year that we will move our new headquarters to the city centre of Utrecht, the city where the Zanders firm was established in 1994. With this big step for Zanders, it’s important to keep everyone with a past, a present or a future at Zanders up to date on the latest developments. That is why we have decided to make our first Zanders Alumni Newsletter and gather some interesting articles for you! Updates on our new office, exciting services, the paths of former colleagues and our latest job offerings.

From many former colleagues we hear that they still feel a bond with Zanders. From many of you, Zanders was the place where you set your career’s first steps or maybe it was a stop-over during an ambitious journey. And while you were having yours, Zanders has been on a journey too. We took our first steps as a company in Utrecht (from 1994-1997) and now go back to this city of our roots. You could say that we have grown during our journey and that growth has brought us back to our roots.

Next to moving to our new HQ, we also see that the company is expanding internationally. We opened offices in the USA, Japan and Sweden. While in our early years international projects were more an exception than a rule, it is now increasingly the opposite; many of our projects are now across the Dutch borders. These projects increasingly have a treasury technology and risk management character too. Next to our consulting services we have set up a new division, called Zanders Solutions to offer a broad set of innovative tools which are complementary to our consulting services. You can read more about this here.

Zanders has been and will be growing. We therefore still would like to leverage your knowledge of both Zanders and your current market surroundings in our recruitment approach. As ambassadors of Zanders, you could form the bridge between candidates and us. As you know, in our areas of expertise both the talented and the experienced hires are not easy to find. That is why we offer you a nice reward if you connect us to the right candidate! So, please apply your recruiting skills as a Zanders ambassador – you can read more about this here.

Despite our growth we do realize that a great part of our success lies in our distinctive DNA in which teamwork, innovation, specialism, but most of all fun play a crucial role. That DNA is still the same and will be guarded very consciously when our company further grows, moves and expands. We look forward to meeting you soon, in good health, during both our journeys!

Kind regards on behalf of all current Zanders colleagues,

Zanders’ MT (Gerbert van Grootheest, Jaap Karelse, Laura Koekkoek, Rob Naber, Mark van Ommen, Judith van Paassen, Laurens Tijdhof, Sander van Tol and Bart-Jan Wittenberg)